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Integrating fckeditor with mephisto

After configuring mephisto blogging application by following steps from previous post (Integrate Mephisto with Rails), you will notice that text formating options available with mephisto are not so user friendly and you will have tough time while formatting text, including inline images in your b

Re-installing all gems automatically


Today while working on rails application I figured out that some of the gems are not configured/installed properly and it was creating strange problems and there older versions are also installed. So I decided to reinstall all installed gems.

But I wondered there is no way to automatically reinstall all the gems. What I have to do is first uninstall all the gems one by one then reinstall gems manually.

25 most essential Drupal modules


This is a outcome of interesting survey done among Drupal Developers.

One fine day all Drupal Developers were asked to present their list of most favourite Drupal modules that they cannot live without while using Drupal 6. Here is the list of those modules.

Drupal Camp India


Drupal is open source free software package (content management framework) that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content i.e. text, image, videos etc directly on a website. It is registered under GPL (General Public Licence).

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